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Homestead highly recomended

I have been scouring the internet for common sense tips on bringing up chickens, from coop building, run maintenance to favouite foods to foot problems. I have learnt a  lot and with a huge dollop of common sense, the garden is now chicken heaven.

But along the way I came across this wonderful book by Jill Winger from the USA. The Prairie Homestead is a practical blog and the first of a few sites I will be reviewing as I research. It answered a few tricky queries I had on feed and also ideas for the well-being of my 12 girls.   Available to download. Well worth having a gander, or in my case a chicken or two!

The book covers all aspects of homesteading, including goats and cows.



7 thoughts on “Homestead highly recomended

    1. Yes more friends in chicken world could be good. I hope our four newbies next week will get on with the eight we have. It does mean having to sleep in egg box two as egg box one is a tight squeeze for now. Somehow at bedtime they all get in. Last night one was outside all alone and we had to put her to bed. She stood by egg box one and made little clicks like”can I come in and share”. Everyone shuffled and in she went.
      But it is supposed to be for eggs not sleepy place, so working on that today. We have plans!

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      1. Do they have perches? One of mine has been sleeping in the egg box quite often even with a choice of perch but they normally roost together on one perch even though they have one each. I guess they like to cosy up. Im happy as mine went off laying for the whole winter but im now getting two eggs a day again. Yippee! It keeps me fed at least. If I one day have a bigger garden I will definitely increase my brood.

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    1. Hi, welcome. The blogging had to go on hold a bit but soon back to sharing everything I love about trying to be self sufficient. Big project soon…new chicken coops and run and goose pond.


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