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Paris Hotel

Quick post as on my way to London. Tired of dodgy French hotels..say good bed but the bathroom looks liked they knocked a hole in the wall to access the dirty hotels one next door! Or visa versa. Tiled bathrooms but probably hiding critters behind the grout, but suspect bed. Or view of the air conditioning system.

So chose CitizenM. Great. Perfect. Japanese efficiency with Italian and French style.

Eating in the airy and colourful breakfast bar, one of six leisure salons to enjoy all day, the music is my music…jazz, funk, soul.

My room vacated at 11am but train at 3pm. Instead of expensive cafe or sitting my sorry arse (excuse my French) for hours in drafty station…I have comfort and music and relaxation. The hotel has a bar on 16th floor too. Everything well thought out, from the IPad controls, to the shower controls to spaces and places for your travelling paraphenalia.

I loved the day and night blinds and lighting. English tv and sockets too. Bed huge..just one sad thing…my man not with me. But next time he will be. With our rough living for so long, this room made me a little emotional. I didn’t pay for the room. Couldn’t afford to. It’s not expensive €104.00, but when your skint your two star Paris hotels are sometimes unsavoury, but you do what you do.

But this time I got comfort.

Miss my husband. It might be a month before I come back. But in the meantime I need to introduce you to my “girls”. Watch this space as they say.

11 thoughts on “Paris Hotel

    1. Yes very capsule Japanese. The bed was massive. Good for being a starfish person like me in bed. I had fun with all the high tech lights and had to resort after I chose the wrong shower cream…AM Invigorating rather than PM Relaxing before bed. I was so invigorated I called reception to say how much I loved the room, five mins later a staff member came up and told me I had breakfast on the house as I had been so friendly. Just shows what a washing mistake can do for you 🙂


    1. Thank you. That’s so nice of you. Yes London is lovely but it’s changing. Very corporate and for the wealthy. The old London of artisan craft and sixties has been almost removed entirely.

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  1. I’m going back to Paris for the last weekend of November and wish I could try it… but a bit too pricy this time. I’ll try another time.
    Love the bed by the window and the (spacious!!) capsule hotel feel.


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