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And then there were three

Shows my age…Genesis. And like the great band who pioneered sound and modern rock music, today at our little French homestead we had our pioneering moment…goslings. A whole new adventure after the big chicken learning curve. We were expecting older geese. Tony sent me a message…”They are green!”. Yep tiny bundles and as I am not around, Tony gets to play Mother Goose.

I sent a stream of panicked emails about food pellets, water, grass and dandelions. Not to let the chickens into their area, to ensure the pond was covered as no swimming for quite a while and generally getting myself into an emotional new mother state.

Say hello to Barley, Bumble and Bonnie.

10 thoughts on “And then there were three

    1. I am in a panic. I know about bringing up kittens like the back of my hand…but these little ones… We had a hedgehog visit and all the chickens got in a state. So Tony has heggie in kitchen and going to move him to a new patch tomorrow. Apparently they can be quite vicious to chickens and goslings. Yes very cute. Hopefully grow into cute big geese too and not too much honking.


      1. Operation hedgehog went well. Tony found a lovely riverside spot about a mile away and less risk of tractors. He should be ok there. I feel a bit choked up about it as I liked my prickly friend.

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      2. I have a lovely pic of me in my garden when I was about 10 sitting down next to a hedgehog with a saucer of milk. Now we are told that milk is not good for them but they liked it then! That was a sussex garden though and slighty larger than my garden now.

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  1. Oh bless them, they are gorgeous! I have a colleague who keeps chickens and geese, and the geese are her favourite (if a mother can have favourites!) They look like they are spirited little geese already!

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    1. They sure are. They escaped today and Tony had to put more wire round. He said they are quite noisy already. Lots to say for themselves. I have always wanted geese with attitude.


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