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Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Alison is responsible for me getting chickens. It’s all her fault. She has two chickens. Her chicken comments made me laugh. The germ was caught.

When I started blogging I was very nervous. I still am and trying to find my voice and subject matter is an ongoing journey. Alison was too and she commented on my shaky prose and that’s how I found her wonderful from the heart blog.

Blogging finds you friends, shared experiences and support. Some give up or take a sabbatical, but I am learning that however silly or non-purposeful a post might seem, best to get out there and stay in touch and keep learning and blogging.

In France I felt very isolated, but the little community of WordPress and beyond has been a revaluation. I can get support for ideas, resolve issues I have and lately the homesteaders of good old US of A have provided humour, a to do list as long as my arm and challenges for the self sufficiency plans I have. Much includes worms, fermenting, chicken poo, and cheesemaking.

But before I wax (pun intended), lyrical on cheesemaking…here is Alisons lovely post. Thank you for mentioning my blog. Very grateful.

When life gives you lemons…Blog!

via Painful blog beginnings. — Through rose tinted glasses.

5 thoughts on “Through Rose Tinted Glasses

  1. Oh thankyou so much. That nearly brought a tear to my eyes. So glad my humble chicken keeping skills got you fired up and set you on a fun hobby for life. Just dont blame me when they escape and eat all your home grown veggies!! Definitely a good place for support and friendship.

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  2. A blogger I interacted with until she felt strong enough not to need the blog any more documented her journey to recovery from asphyxiating depression via her chickens. She and her husband bought her little flock and she shared how much she learned from their behaviors about her own battles and how the very fact of having them made her get up and out at a time when she would rather have curled up and and turned her back on the world. I am sure your hens will be wonderful for your own morale but I must also note that I am delighted that you have found this place we met in to be supportive and helpful in coaxing you out of your own feelings of isolation. Bravo and bon continuations!

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    1. It’s a strange phenomenon but I have actually found a startling bond with these birds. I was always a cat person or so I thought and would love a hound dog or two, but never thought I would get so hung up on poultry. I can well believe her recovery. Like you mentioned before..therapy from any source is good. When headspace is clear I am sure I will be like a kid in a sweet shop plundering all my favourite topics to work on whether blogging or otherwise. Thanks for your encouragement as always.

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