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Waiting for a train

Back in Paris after an emotionally draining week. I won’t go into personal details but I can say the roller-coaster of highs and lows was productive. Family will always keep your nerves on a knife edge but we return home relieved.

The Gare D’Austerlitz was quiet thankfully, as my head was pounding. Usually we chop the journey in two and crash at a hotel. But tomorrow I have a pre-op meeting and have to be home tonight. So it’s the terrifyingly fast TGV to end a fraught week. The white hairs are finally appearing!

5 thoughts on “Waiting for a train

    1. Boy was it stressful but I got mum into a good nursing home near friends. Journey easy but when stress levels high I can’t even read a magazine. I am afraid I hogged three seats and snored most of the journey! Got back to a injured chicken…Poppy. Feel guilty as hell for being away as I might have prevented her from being pecked. Not even sure if it is pecking. Wish they could talk.

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      1. Ah i know exactly what thats like. I dont think ill ever forget driving my mum to the nursing home but glad youve found a good one. Poor poppy they really can be mean to each other. Hope she recovers quickly ☺


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