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Wash Day the old fashioned way

A quick pre-new year post. As we transition from our few years of basic living to a bright new future of domestic bliss of owning the modern appliances known as a washing machine and a water boiler; what better way to spend the last day of 2018 washing in the old fashioned way.

Not that I will be going totally over to electric, no, no, no. There is a therapeutic smugness in hand washing. The heady aroma of carbolic from my favorite green soap. The process takes time and can’t be rushed – meditational moments. It’s physical (watch out Bingo wings!) and you get to see your undies in closer proximity!

So as the sun sets here in our little French hamlet, the stove is heating washing water for clothes and drying out our smalls at the same time. Ok it gets a bit humid but the old beams don’t mind.

Happy New Year and may your future be full of bubbles and soap suds!

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