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Citroen 2CV

When I find some time on my hands to renovate the car of my dreams, it will be this little French bon bon. A silly passion I have had ever since seeing one careering down the Kings Road in Chelsea, London with no roof.

The driver, having negotiated the sharp corner of the Art Deco petrol station by seemingly lifting two sets of wheels off the road, explained to me, after I asked about handling, that it handled like a pig but due to the suspension you couldnt possibly turn the car over..but what other car could you strip down to a bare chassis and still drive to indulge in a summertime country picnic.

The seats were upholstered in a pyjama striped green fabric, a bit like deck chairs and the car had all year ventilation due to a few crunches that had distorted the cars main structure. But it never broke down.

I wanted one. I saw a pretty Smokey pink one at the breakers yard in town. Sadly upside down on top of five other cars. Salvageable? My husband disapproved. Not now whilst we are upto our ears in renovations.

Well maybe later. How about a Citroen DS…with air suspension? Never ideal in a bank robbery but then what bank holds cash now…no fun anymore! (Ex banker disappointed).

Oh well. Note to self…maybe soon.

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5 thoughts on “Citroen 2CV

  1. This is extraordinary … I love the 2CV and my husband has a complete ‘thing’ about the DS! He gets totally overexcited about them and I suspect that once we return to the UK after our next posting is over, we will have one. As long as I get to have at least two dogs I don’t mind. I’ve always loved the little 2CVs … so cute and quirky and I have wanted one for years. (Also love the old Renault 4 .. not quite so pretty, but wonderfully ‘odd’! I like odd!).

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    1. We were in the process of debuting in Kent till a week ago. With Brexit etc we had thought it good to hedge our residency but realized so many costs to keep the property empty (had enough of tenants) it wasn’t feasible. What county will you be back to if I can ask?
      The DS is a car that just seems a strange idea to me. That’s why I love it. My friend has an air suspension vehicle. It always amuses us after leaving our favorite cafe. We are normally in a rush. Throw the food down our throats then run to the car, to sit for 5 minutes while the suspension raises! As said..Not a getaway car.

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      1. Ha! Not a get-away car!! Love it! We currently are in London, but moving to New York in the summer for a three year posting and then, fingers crossed will come back to a post in Europe. Home is England, but I can’t say that I feel particularly tied to it. It will be interesting to see where life takes us.

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