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Chicken Licken day

We have had a spoiling ourselves time looking for little colourful household goods for our barn and farmhouse. We both inherited heirloom kitchen equipment from our parents – Brown Betty teapots, blue and white stripped milk jugs, Judge enamel pans, wicker baskets, pie dishes and cast iron griddles amongst them. We have a mixture of English and Romanian. Stalwart practical implements that have stood the test of time over generations.

The English revolves around pie making, pastry and cake bowls. The Romanian, polenta pans, herbal tea pots and wooden spoons. The local gypsy community provided the latter and hand hammered pots and pans. In the late afternoons you can sometimes hear them working away, beating out the brass still.

We have invaded charity shops for old spoons with their almost black patinas, crazed cake stands, water-filled rolling pins and stoneware cider kegs. There is a sense of history and nostalgia having this vintage in our modern world. Our grandmothers loved to cook. Somehow it jumped the 1960’s generation of our mother’s, but we are back preserving or canning as they say in the US, baking and nurturing sourdough.

Today we went chicken crazy. Bright colours and plenty to cluck about!

15 thoughts on “Chicken Licken day

      1. It’s all around Les Halles where the old produce market used to be. It’s kinda price for us, but Ms. Storyteller (Musical Miss) is a wonderful cook so it’s worth it. For you, you avoid certain taxes and like that


      2. Well you read my mind. Will put up a post..but yesterday I bought a bright green Citroen 2CV. A lawnmower with a cabin basically. Love them. We have a van and a Toyota Hilux for the heavy stuff. So this was the loud and funky part. Hopefully chic enough!

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