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Poop and Feathers: Chicken Coop Tour

I have always found my London slash Essex accent somewhat annoying, but there are times that trying to put into words what pictures do better, means I will have to subject you all to my first video.

It’s not perfect but I hope you enjoy my little guided tour of the coop and an intro to our flock and grumpy geese.

The cartoon is for all you chickens out their hustling the daily egg thing.

19 thoughts on “Poop and Feathers: Chicken Coop Tour

    1. Thanks. First attempt at video and it’s fun. Yes we freeze eggs. It’s great actually. Mix the eggs thoroughly as if you were scrambling them. Then into plastic cartons into freezer. They should be consumed ideally before 6 months. The eggs somehow improve and become more consolidated in texture making fluffy scrambled and great cakes. Well worth it.


    1. This compost is mainly coop straw, poop, earth mole has dug up(annoying little guy), fallen leaves. But my main composters have garden veg that’s over, garden plants, leaves, grass cuttings, weeds and pruned branches. The farmer give a us manure. Nd we have the goose poop too. I make enough compost to never buy any. We have about a third of an acre at the moment with raised beds. At the farmhouse we are extending our garden to be a hectare. I love composting because it’s easy, free and you can create whatever your soil needs. 🐞🌱🕷🍃


      1. You could write an article about her. Get it out in the open. I did in my blog about how I was let down by my family. It’s real life so no good hiding it. She has won then. I mean as they say..what’s the worst she can do?
        So next article…Bully back the bully!

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      2. Ha! I’d love to but sadly with her ‘issues’ if she’s in the least irritated she’ll use it against us with regards to the children and suddenly we can’t get through to them for a few weeks … or she threatens libel and taking us to court … it’s bloomin’ endless. But you’re right, I wish I could, and truly expose her for what she is. Urghhh!

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      3. Sure she wasn’t my husband’s ex? No do keep blogging. Don’t alter your life. If she is like husband’s ex ..She will never change. Any better weeks will be short lived. Some people thrive on revenge, hate, even just enjoying the reassurance of a connection that’s more interesting than their own small minded world’s. You can’t win. But you can get on with your life. The children will decide in the end and if it’s not as you hope..well move on. We don’t see his children. The wife messed it up big time but we withdrew and are now here making our plans. If the children grow up and learn what’s right then we may reconcile. If not it’s the way it is. Shame but what can you really do? As long as you have done the honourable part then stand by that. Good your here. I look forward to having your blog as my Freudian leather couch!

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      4. Sorry for the delay in replying … I’m in the middle of a field at the moment with rather limited internet! It sounds to me as though we’re in the same boat. The truth will come out in the end if she doesn’t absolutely destroy the children before them. Every few months one of them is in hospital … it’s all pretty grim. Thanks so much for telling me about your situation, for whilst I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it does make it feel slightly less awful. Xx

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      5. It beggars belief how some women use their children as pawns. It’s been so stressful for Tony. But pulling away 2 years ago and drawing a line in the sand was the best thing. You can only do so much.

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  1. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this website. I am hoping to see the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own blog now 😉

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