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Lazy Days and lazy bikes

Today was wet, windy and after a week of working hard on the septic tank and moving earth and stones, we crashed for a cosy afternoon in bed. Music, magazines, YouTube and a cup of tea for good measure, we love these times to catch up on social media, research or read about things we love.

Had to grab this shot of Tony and La Loup. Watching videos of Little Red Riding Hood or Three Little Pigs probably! (No we don’t have some toy fetish. I am writing children’s stories and somehow having these colourful characters around provides inspiration. And who says you have to grow up anyway!)

Just before sleep took over, I decided I needed an electric assisted bike. The lanes are beautiful here and although I wouldn’t say I am unfit, with camera kit, tripod, cheese sarnies and my favorite tartan blanket, I don’t think I will last three revolutions of the peddles!

It has to fold too, to squeeze into the Citroen 2CV. Oh didn’t I mention that before! Patience readers…that’s for another post. Wanting a European manufacturer I chose the Danish Mate-X bike. A cool piece of engineering that can reach 25 mph. Any faster and I would need a licence. With big tyres I can easily tackle the farm tracks and head off into the wilds of the Creuse countryside.

So it’s on order for arrival in July. Plus I have ordered a bike for the trip into town. Our Attelier is just a 15 minute peddle into town. Specification…small, three wheels, box for groceries or to carry a small dog. Pegas in Romania came up trumps. The French have similar but very expensive. This is actually a child’s bike but we have measured it and I can ride it. Brompton sized wheels. Good to go.

Local French farmers drive mini tractors into town and sometimes the odd lawn mower passes by, so my funny little cargo bike won’t be seen as unusual. In fact here is Tony on his little tractor en route from town to home.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is another sort of lazy day. We are heading off to a local plant market. France is heaving with brocantes (flea-market or second hand goods) vide-greniers (translates roughly as loft sales or garage clearance) and markets selling livestock, cheese, wool, furniture, potatoes and house clearance brica-brac to name just a few of the listings. I thought I would miss the UK charity shops but France wins hands down. Every weekend from early May, they are bustling and to-date we have filled five vans full and saved thousands of euros. I will put up a post about the Brocantes, as they are well worth making the effort to visit. With more goods coming from China and of suspect quality, seeking out well made European goods with a pre-loved history to boot has become an almost obsession for us.

So better get on my bike as they say. Catch you later.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Days and lazy bikes

  1. Wonderful visual! My husband just got an electric conversion kit for his bike and today was his first commute into town to work on it and he is super jazzed – he showed off for me last night on the hill leading to our house with his feet fully off the pedals, haha. πŸ™‚

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    1. It will be really funny if it turns out too small. I will just have to dress like a child or carry a teddy bear with me to look normal! The brocants are a bit addictive. You have to ideally have a specific list and stick to it.


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