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The Magnificent Seven

Our first frosts arrived this week and the tomatoes finally curled and collapsed. We gathered the remaining unripened fruits to turn into green chutney and overwintered the strawberry plants. The tom crop was huge this year even though they grew from last years roots and the drought meant no watering either. Somehow nature gets in with growing regardless of the heat and cold. Winter is wandering towards us. Luckily Autumn here arrives late and the trees are only now just turning. Spring arrives promptly in March, so Winter is thankfully short.But it’s the best time to do outdoor work. Thick jumpers, boots, knee length socks and copious cups of hot tea get projects completed. Oh and some homemade marmalade cake too!We are still sleeping at our Barn but in a week we will move to the Farmhouse. The pellet burner is finally installed and we will finally have warmth and hot water. We came to France in 2015 and have been roughing it since then but knew one day we would finally have some comfort. The pleasures of a hot bath cannot be underestimated. A flushing toilet. A wood burner. A comfy mattress and a sofa. Bliss!A few hold ups like sore ribs from my silly fall recently whilst cleaning out the coop (stupid and very painful…I now realize how quickly you can be out of action) and incessant rain some days,we are finally progressing with the new coops and poultry pens. We had some predator issues and our neighbours rat infestation has arrived too. French rural might look quaint, but the hotch potch of abandoned furniture, gardening equipment and throwing chicken corn directly on the ground means home for these critters. The chickens are useless in dealing with the rats, moreoften simply snoring away while they help themselves to food and bedding from right under their beaks! We simply have to up and move.An hours journey north of our cow country, through arable fields and pine forests, we arrive to complete country seclusion amid huge oaks and walnut trees. Quietly we sneak up the path to the kitchen door. We turn the key and… stampede!Charlie, Oscar, Jasper, Archie, Holly, Tokyo and Polly. Time to explore, time to be into everything we are working on, and time to chase our ducks. Our little rescue family are adorable. Full of life, love and at just six months old, learning about the great outdoors.Charlie (female), Oscar, Jasper, Holly and Polly are brothers and sisters. Tokyo has the same mother but different father. Archie was rescued by a friend and is a few weeks older. Their characters are developing every day. Charlie is courageous and curious, climbing high into the trees and often falling back out again. Need to work on that Charlie! Oscar is inquisitive and very chatty. He likes to be with you all day, getting involved in everything. Even getting paint on his feet!Jasper is naughty and will not come in when called. Last cat in, better to be squeezing into a box and hiding. Typically ginger and testing boundaries, including stalking the ducks. Jasper!! Holly likes to stay close and be reassured often. She chats away and follows our every move.Polly is a livewire, exploring, playing, into every hard to reach place. Daredevil climbing and balancing on the highest branches. Tokyo likes to wander and be solitary. She caught her first mouse this week. And finally Archie. Very affectionate, craves attention and cuddles. I believe he is forever grateful he was rescued. He had a lucky day being saved. A podge who loves his food and a warm spot to snooze.Well they all have a forever home now and the Farmhouse will be a very happy place for them.

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