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Seasons greetings

We all panicked when the clock ticked past the year 2000. Computers would meltdown, planets would explode and the world would head swiftly in its trajectory to the sun. We would be crispy by the end of the year!

Well it’s 20 years since then and we have had some meltdowns, explosions and as of this year, a heatwave that evaporated every water drop from our neighbouring lake. Locals panicked. We saved every bucket of water we could. The chickens loved it. Dust bath mania. The geese moped as rubbery feet got dry and the ducks sulked…no mud to drill in.

It’s Christmas day and we have medieval music on to remind us of ye olde England. The cats and puppies are snoozing in various armchairs and Tony is rebuilding the oven. The gas jets are a bit nuclear reactor and I would like my roast to be cooked not incinerated. I cooked oat biscuits to remind me of my Scottish heritage and Tony made Romania dishes with cabbage and rice.

So a little walk round the estate in my loud red Christmas jumper. That will set the geese off! The ducks did not want photos. They waddled off to hunt for lettace the geese had forgot and trodden on. Ducks don’t care. If it’s muddy it’s memorable!

Here is Bonnie with his important face on. The I am curious but trying not to show it. Casual like.


Bumble is doing her big sideways sulk look. The why does Bonnie always have to say hello and seem interested?

Cashew and Pekin with matching head tufts like Daddy stand in the background with mummy goose Barley. She always hovers at the back. A lovely gentle goose. If you call her she comes over for treats, IF Bumble doesn’t muscle in.

Off to the chickens. Treats today. Potato peelings, carrots, peas, cold turkey ( no hard feelings girls), pasta, leeks and lettace. Meal worms on short supply. The girls do not understand seasonal postal delays and I have to submit to an en mass stink eye protest.

This is Charkie doing her Charkie Chaplin impression. Very good Charlie! Fluffy and friendly. She loves visiting the chickens. I believe she would actually sleep with them if I let her. The cockerels don’t mind her. Everyone gets on.

The handsome boy in the chicken pen is Ronnie Rooster. A rescue boy who didnt get on with previous owner. He is a real softy and we have no issues with him at all. He isn’t so rough on the girls as Mr Chicken, who is in his own enclosure in the main pen. He gets to see the girls and still does his funny mating dance and chirrups but no touching. He needs some huge Buff Orpington girls and they will deal with his over amorous attention with a good peck or two!

In a week it will be 2020. That’s sounds sort of futuristic. We haven’t gone high tech, more low tech based on grandmother’s lifestyle. But I think with all the disappointments with modern ideals and technology and food and environmental issues, looking back to a few old traditional ways may just save the planet.

So Seasonal greeting everyone and may your new year be eventful, happy and maybe with the odd explosion!