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London visit

My recent visit to London, my old hometown, was a quick five day turnaround. Between my art course at Central St Martin’s and quick exhibition visits, specifically Mary Quant of mini skirt fame, I only managed two tree photos.

Mary Quant

I can’t explain why I like photographing trees. I just get a thrill from them, especially in winter when the leaves have been tugged off by wind or they have simply had enough of living.

The top photo is outside the Tate Modern. The birch trees against a backdrop of the industrial turbine hall. The other along the Victoria Embankment that runs along the Thames, just along from my favorite cafe at The Temple Station.

My timing in London was lucky. The coronavirus had hit China. There were three Chinese on my course, just flown in from China. My plans to return in March to my next art course were therefore scuppered. London is high risk and I see no merit in rash bravery. With the universities here popular with Chinese, the chance of catching the virus are actually quite high.

Central St Martins

So back to France. The French train drivers were striking again and I waited five hours in the freezing station before they informed me my train was cancelled. I had no choice but to stop over in Paris for one night. That’s ok but I was too exhausted to sightsee and headed to my usual hotel Citizen M with its 24 hour restaurant and civilized lounges. The next day I arrived home and found the papers full of the virus from China.

Citizen M at Gare Du Lyon, Paris

So we are avoiding cities and crowds and are hunkering down at our farmhouse until this virus is controlled. Creuse is very rural anyway and your more likely to get kicked by a cow than catch a cold here!

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