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Tin box

Going through boxes again, I found my favorite tin. My Dad used to keep this on his work bench in the garage, for “found things” that might be handy one day. From aged two, I used to sit up on the bench and learnt how to mix cement in my own little wood tray he had made, use an old fashion blow torch, chisels etc. As years progressed and we renovated the family home and then I did the same with mine, the tin never moved from its place. When I finally sold the house in 2018, and cleared all Dads tools, the tin came to France.

I love it’s strong turquoise colour and typical retro graphics. The fashion is really obvious here with tulip shaped coats and turban style hats and bobbed hair, very Jackie O. I love the little scenes of afternoon drinks under the cafe umbrellas and dog walking and one man in a trilby hat, very City. It’s a scene from London, also my home town. And the tin top is red and white striped like a candy. It was very likely a sweet tin.

Today it had a clean. I couldnt rub too hard as the years as the surface quite delicate. It’s a bit tatty but funnily the 1950 image must have gelled in my brain, as my Attelier is all 1950’s furnished. The tin will have a new home there. We find many tins in the French Brocantes and relatively cheap too…with pictures of chickens, soap and flowers and the odd tobacco tin. So colourful and so pretty for putting flowers in or if not too damaged, for holding cutlery or wooden spoons.

And most of all I love that it was made in Great Britain. Today the economy is in a desperate straight because we sold out our home industries and manufacturing. In my career I have seen the steady decline of good companies due to incompetent management and lazy staff. It times people took back pride in what they do and how they represent themselves and their companies or industries. No problem with healthy trading but China has swamped the market. We will pay the price for that decision.

Maybe it’s time to reduce packaging. Get back to tins and keep them for keepsakes.

Made in Great Britain. Now that sounds great!

9 thoughts on “Tin box

  1. A gorgeous tin! I only wish I had saved the many tins people in my family used to use for all sorts of things over the years. At one time people moved onto plastic storage, didn’t they?!


    1. Same here. My mum threw out loads. We went to the advertising museum in London and it was great seeing all the colourful tins. Funny how plastic has become enemy number one now.


  2. Ah I just love that tin too. Made to last. I just read your posts about the cats and the thoughts in a 2cv but couldnt see a comment box. I think ive told you before that my ex husband and I spent our teenage years driving one round and went on honeymoon to Austria in it, although I can remember it breaking down on the way and we just had to clean the spark plugs and we were away again. We had one of those strips across the top of the front windscreen with our names on. The good ol days ! I also loved your comments on why ‘staying and home’ ‘housewife’ has had such a negative review over the last few decades. I struggled with that when I was a single mum bringing up my children on my own and society expected me to be working as well. I gave myself a hard time and in retrospect really wish I hadnt. I too have acclimatised very easily to the lockdown as I function very well from home turf. On a sad not, life has changed a bit dramatically for me over the last weeks. Im sure things will come right in the end but there is some heart break going on in this beatiful part of England. Great to catch up on you posts though. You are living a beautiful life.


    1. May I ask what’s been causing your recent heartache? We are rather isolated from most of the virus issues. Being so rural and living mostly away from people anyway…Not much has changed. But for many it’s been nothing but heartbreak and stress. X


      1. Having to make a lot of decisions at the moment and never a good time when coping with loss. As you know where i live im sure you will understand that its not just the loss of a relationship that is causing me heartache. Thankyou for asking x


      2. You can message if you prefer. I am Judi Alexander on messenger. Sorry about your relationship. My pre divorce period was awful. The actual split was not so bad. But it all took it’s toll for some time. Since then other personal events have been shocking to say the least. Healing now. But slow. Take your time. Look after you. It will all resolve in the end.

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