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Just over six months ago we finally got two Jack Russell’s, my favorite dogs. Since the day I visited a friend, whose mother was asigned to baby sit me at 18 years old, after a jaw reconstruction operation, to make sure I didn’t joke on my liquid lunch….I fell in love with these naughty, feisty hound dogs.

My friend had a Jack Russell called Bella. Her sole aims in life were chasing the milkman and hiding biscuits in the gaps between the sofa cushions. Guests would be unceremoniously jumped on, wiggled around, to retrieve a now rather dusty and crusty biscuit.

She stole things. She hid things. She was always happy. I adored her. My parents wouldn’t get a dog. Nor would my ex. I was a cat person instead for over twenty years.

Then life changed. Now with a huge menagerie including six cats, why not get dogs? A puppy breading friend nearby had Jack Russell’s and Norman the father had a twinkle in his eye that reminded me of Bella. A few months later and the two rascals came home. Bella and Sake a boy.

Life is now more mad than ever. The cats and dogs get on famously. Our black cat Tokyo adores Bella and they hunt in the fields together, share afternoon naps on the bed and play tag. The dogs made doggie friends with our neighbours mutts and often sneak off for a play if we are being dull and not doing interesting things that Jack Russell’s love, like digging the garden or mowing the lawn with big machines to bark at!

So here are a few photos of Bella. My bed if you please! Sure I didn’t authorize that. Will put up photos of Sake in a separate post.

Lots happening and very behind with blogging. I bought a desk the other day to set up a dedicated writing space where I can concentrate better. Posts on renovating, furniture restoring and gardening in progress. Hope your keeping busy too.

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