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Wild deer

Today we stopped to help a lady filming a trapped deer. Probably a Fallow deer. Why she wasnt untangling him, I have no idea. The deer was a young male, probably just under two years old. Likely lost his mother from the French mafia for Sunday hunting and as many, grown up a little vague from lacking an adult to teach the ropes of the wild. They run with no apparent direction across the cow pastures, upsetting the cattle, according to the farmers and hence the justification to shoot them! Our good neighbour occasionally leaves a chunk of venison at our door with a note to watch out for lead shot when you eat it. We cannot eat the meat. Its tainted for me. But we cannot waste it either. The poultry, cats and dogs dine well for a week.

Unhooking the deer from the hedge brambles and holding his antlers so I couldn’t get a nasty hit, he was just too heavy to carry. Tony parked up and took the rear end and we heaved him up into a field. Seemed a little dazed. Maybe hit by a car? He ran again to the hedge and we retrieved him again. Next time he stayed behind the hedge and we left him to recover. The lady was contacting the Marie again on her mobile.
Beautiful creature. Probably will be shot during the silliness of hunting in the very near future. No photo. Just his brown hair on my jacket.
I don’t know the rules here re wild animals and rescuing. But I hope he does ok.

Der hairs on my jacket.

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