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Carpathian meadows

In the late afternoon, as the suns heat rises and the light creates lovely silhouettes and bright colours, the meadows in Valcea, Romania, are great to photograph. We have a house there and the town is surrounded by mountains.  With forests, wild flower meadows and up in the Transylvanian Alps a more dramatic landscape to explore, its a beautiful area.  The forests still have wild bears and boar to watch out for and the locals are experienced at picking the wild fruits and making fruit wines and cordials in these wild places. Mushroom and truffles are on the menu too.

Orchards are everywhere, with bee-hives and glorious honey to try. The honey is very heady, strong and you can taste the flower nectar, the sweet linden tree, the menthol of the mint and the rich, caramel of the honeydew fir honey from the forests. A feast for the taste-buds as well as the camera.  More to follow I hope in the coming year.


Judi Castille Carpathian Summer

2 thoughts on “Carpathian meadows

    1. I have visited France for many, many years and love the country. I know its history and its literature and there is also some sort of English /French unity that’s inbuilt in our DNA. I also wanted easy access to Spain and Italy too. Our area of Romania is sure beautiful but my husband too wanted a change and France ticked many boxes. He lived here too for a time and has happy memories. But we will be visiting. Romania is too beautiful to ignore.


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