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Honey Bee Suite

Back in 2013 I begun a business that would I hoped import fine Romanian honey – Acacia, mint, Linden, wildflower, fir to name a few.  We were also making conifer syrups from the pine and fir forests near Transylvania [ our families area] and honey was a natural extension of this.  I contacted German suppliers too, Germany being a major honey producer and wanted to try an connect small beekeepers together to be able to sell Artisan honey into bigger markets.  Our brand Premo From London would concentrate on flavour and diversity.

Premo From London Honey

Unfortunately we were hit by personal events and lack of financing to get this off the ground.  In France we have found a good market for honey, but we are in no position to be able to contemplate resurrecting Premo, or not until we have settled down here in France for a while.

However I learnt a lot about bees, their precarious livelihood and of the many sites I visited, Honey Bee Suite stood out as a valuable resource. Rusty Burlew is an authority on all things that buzz and her photography is great too – given as she once explained to me – “you often just get bottoms” when you photograph bees, as they are so busy collecting pollen.

I still have a passion for this subject and even though I might never sell honey, I will be developing a wildflower garden here in Auge, planting for the bees and other bugs we have here and along the way writing I hope some humorous stories.

Visit Honey Bee Suite to learn more about bees, beekeeping, identification and how you can help encourage bees into your garden.

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