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100 French Blogs

I wasn’t expecting to be entered into any blog listings so quickly, but it appears I have made it into Feedspot and am very happy to be joining a great many enthusiastic Francophiles who are listed.  Like all bloggers I want to ensure I create useful, sometime humorous and visual content and I am still finding my way.  But this is a start and I am off to celebrate with a cup of tea – Ceylon is my favourite – and my camera, as I have just completed a significant barter transaction with my neighbour – watch next post.

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100 French Blogs


5 thoughts on “100 French Blogs

      1. Just be you …. the rest will follow. I was once a literary agent for one of the largest agencies in the world. Seriously the only way is to go with it and not feel pressured. Pressure will result in a block as sure as œufs ont œufs 🥚 🥚 🥚


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