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Michelin Star dining

Chicken platters. Hand cut, diced or chopped. Natural ingredients and I think from the rapid beak pecking, the haute cuisine is being appreciated….even if rather quickly!

Judi Castille Feeding chickens

I will putting up a post soon on chicken food. We have only just begun learning about feedng and I still need to explore the local area for seed merchants and grain suppliers and fine tuning protein levels – as its all about eggs and happy girls here. But for today its meal worms, organic sunflower seeds, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, courgette, fermented barley (our own) and yogurt.

6 thoughts on “Michelin Star dining

    1. Te he!! How funny. That would make a great painting. I don’t know if you had sound on the video…i couldn’t hear when I loaded it..but the pecking was like a heavy rain storm! Wish they would stand in their food. You always get one over excited and tries to hog the place.

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      1. I can imagine a drawing of them. My two tip their food up every day, its so annoying. There is a definite pecking order even with just two and when I put two different bowls down to make sure they both get some the lesser one still gets chased away by the one who thinks shes in charge. Really funny to watch.


      2. Wish mine wouldn’t stand in the trays. The grain is in a metal feeder, long with bars over the top. They can’t turn that over or stand in it. I will sort something for the trays too but in many ways the bullies can’t control everyone when there are two trays and plenty of sides to crowd round.


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