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Go to work on an egg

Go to work on an egg… a UK 1970’s maybe advertising strapline before the Brits panicked about cholesterol and stopped eating an egg a day, but then realized how silly that was and it was typically politicians playing games, as usual, with the publics well being.

Well I think we need to go to work on 10 eggs a day. The girls are all laying well. I am not in France , so Tony has an EU egg mountain building up. Neighbours to the rescue…but we only have 2 as our other neighbour also has chickens . Selling we are just nervous about for now…rules and regs and our poor little freezer is straining from our recent goats milk and piggie pork purchase.

If I was in France I would be making quiche and Yorkshire puddings and probably pasta…ah now’s that’s an idea and we can dry it. Off to email Tony to get a pasta roller quick. Any ideas what to do with excess eggs very welcome.

I did look up grannies old method, sinking raw eggs still in their shells, into Isinglass. A strange fish bladder geleatin used during the war to preserve eggs. Apparently you add to water, heat and once mixed thoroughly, cool and pour over tightly packed eggs in buckets till covered. The eggs can’t be fried or boiled, but can still be used for baking, sauces hopefully pasta. Need to read more on this strange product but thanks to mum and some war-time memories.

Judi Castille chicken eggs

8 thoughts on “Go to work on an egg

  1. Judi, same thing happened here. It wasn’t until a few years ago that scientists realized that most cholesterol issues are genetic. We eat eggs every day in one form or another. Ms. Storyteller likes “hot cooked” breakfasts and that doesn’t mean porridge. 🙂

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    1. I love a good full English breakfast every week and I eat eggs every day. Not being a great meat eater , the eggs provide needed protein. I generally take a lot of food advice with a good pinch of salt and research myself. Porridge great too.

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