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The eggs keep coming. My husband has sent panicked emails asking me what to do as the girls are laying so well. Many forums are airing concerns about the opposite…chickens won’t lay.

But the girls are healthy so it’s normal and mother nature knows best. Hopefully in Autumn the girls will moult feathers, slow down and the shorter hours of sunshine will halt production.

Apparently we can feed back scrambled eggs, cooked. That will solve a small part of the egg mountain. Egg shells, after boiling, can be crushed and added back to scratch grains for calcium. Useful to know.

It’s funny how chickens fill you with worry. Perhaps it’s because I am away and can’t keep an eye on my brood. It seems the same with quite a few other chicken owners too. Perhaps it’s because they give us eggs and it all seems for them such a tiring achievement every day. I am excited about eggs. It is amazing. I am very grateful. Nature I take my hat off to you.

7 thoughts on “Eggstrordinary

    1. OMG…i get updates from husband each day and when he rings our little food bell it’s like the Olympic 100 metres dash. Yesterday was hot so lots of siesta snoozing chooks. Hard life searching for worms.

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