Animal tales

Growing geese

Only a few weeks and the three girls are growing daily. Big feet, feathers and a huge grassy appetite with ever louder honking, makes me think that somehow our garden won’t be quiet anymore. The chickens just ruffle feathers and ignore them, but the girls seem very curious about the chickens and often poke heads through into the coop to stare at this busy, red bunch of rubber feet.

Just two more weeks and I finally get to meet them. Fingers crossed we bond and I don’t get pecked on the bottom!

10 thoughts on “Growing geese

  1. They will love you just as much as they love your husband I am certain. They are utterly flufferlicious and I am suffering from acute gozzie-envy over here!

      1. And you will have fodder for your children’s books …. geese are utterly adorable and I don’t think even Beatrix Potter has made one a star 😉

    1. I will let you know how heavenly after a gardening session. If I get honked at all morning I will be knitting some sock like balaclavas and sending them to the naughty corner!!!

      1. Ginger is the meany, wherever I put the food she is there pushing Cilla out of the way. She struggles when I put the food in two places but she still tries her best to monopolize it. They are so funny!

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