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Happy hedgehog

I am stuck in Barts hospital in London. Mum got dehydrated so drip in place..yes I have a 4 hour wait.

I was due to meet a friend to celebrate diagnosis of her medical condition. A landmark after many years of frustration.

I spotted hedggie on my arrival. Badly sewn eye. As soon as mum had drifted off , saline solution working, I scooted back to find hedgehog still looking hopeful for a new home.

Well lucky day. I needed cheering up and in honour of our recent removal of two hedgehogs causing a big stir in our chicken coop and stealing eggs too, I couldn’t resist.

My “writing ideas” book shelf needs a squint eyed prickly character to join the other motley crew of lost and founds. Although this year is speeding through fast, I still want to catch up on illustration ideas. But the jumble of current commitments can make it all too easy to chuck the towel in, but then why buy a hedgehog?

So how do I paint prickles?

Barts near St Paul’s London. Private funded.

5 thoughts on “Happy hedgehog

    1. A few. At first Tony thought it was a rat but then a lot of chicken squeaking and hedgehog trotted past. Tony put him in a container with water and a brick on top but he escaped! Strong guys. Then a couple of abandoned eggs appeared and hedgehog running from the crime scene. Got ya!!! Swiftly despatched a couple of miles down the road.


  1. Le Hérisson is super cute and I am sure will inspire a lovely character for your books. I hope your mum is now fully hydrated and comfortable and that you will be back home very soon to sort those chookers and gozzies. 🦔 🐓

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