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All feathered up

Well one week and counting. I can’t wait. My girls are all growed up and shortly to have swimming lessons.

As you can hear Tony hasn’t got the names yet…goosies will do for a while but if one needs to go to the naughty corner…I need to wag my finger at the right goose!

Typically you take a video and one decides it’s the right time to poop. Lovely.

8 thoughts on “All feathered up

    1. Have I not mentioned their names! Well if not I will put the record straight: Barley, Bumble and Bonnie who will likely end up as Bon Bon. For some reason I am worried about goose poop. Funny how the silliest of things cram your brain. People seem to have a problem with it. Mind you a full grown goose can produce 4 pounds of the stuff every day!! A new euro poop mountain I think will nestle in Auge.

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      1. Oh I’m sure there is a way to harness the poop. I know they are quite productive in that direction. Fear not – I am sure you will cope and Barley, Bumble and Bonnie Bon-Bon are wonderful names. I do recall now you mention it but having just returned from ‘Our Nations Capitol’ I am slightly frizzed in the brain department 😂


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