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Feed me

Judi is going home but before she even tries to pack her bag, I want breakfast. Yes breakfast has to be priority because I am lazy and by 9.30am I will be snoozing again.

So I howl loudly and won’t stop till I get attention. That can be exhausting so she had better hurry up! Yes here, me, bowl, empty, rumbling tummy, do I need to get louder?

“Indie do stop it..I am going as fast as I can. Your a podge anyway and 2 minutes will not affect your waistline! Too demanding..put a thermal sock in it! Really!”

11 thoughts on “Feed me

      1. If he’s anything like The Bean it would transform him. She was happy enough in England but moving to Cantal transformed her. She loved Grenoble too (different because we were in a City but she became very spry on the Tram and loved all the attention) and she loves it here. Flights and all. In fact she loves airports. Something I do not share with her. I know Indie Podge (sorry but I have to include Podge in his moniker because it suits him so well) is a cat but he really would have a fantastic time and I think he would be a racing snake in no time. But he is your mum’s cat and she relies on him so I suppose he will have to stay put.

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      2. I think it would transform him. Like humans, environment can be the difference between fulfilment and simply existence. He would have far more fun with us. I think podge has stuck as a nickname now. Indie won’t mind. I like some airports, just not the flying part. Munich airport had sleeping areas for that wearisom plane connection period. Felt a little like that sci-fi where all the bodies are suspended…us all laying down with our shoes off ..but a novel experience. Looking forward to more Bean adventures.

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      3. I’m sure it would. Environment is all. I was chatting to a new friend (her husband is a colleague of The Brains) and we got onto retirement. She is from Munich (connecting to the rest of your comment rather neatly) and declares herself a city girl so they want to retire to Pasadena which is my idea of sheer hell. For me it’s as much land around me as possible – space to breath. We are all different. I know Munich Airport from a recent trip …. like most things German it is well thought out and humane in approach. The Bean is getting her thoughts in order for some more musings along the way ….


      4. I like the heart of a bustling city..BUT only when I have a business to run. Now I need and relish country and land , forests and moments of solitude. And I can get enraged in private one will hear my screams!!

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  1. Sad about Alain Bourdain. My hero..he spat out that rather evil French porky bits sausage (apparently a local delicacy) that made me heave when in a desperate hungry moment I tried. Pulling out the fork too quickly finding it repulsive, I chipped my front tooth ! Bourdain rarely admitted being defeated by any cuisine but this sausage he spat out and hid.


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