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Rubber shoes

Arriving back has been a roller coaster of catch-up. Mowing waist high grass, bonding with three young geese and spending time with the chickens. On top of this our barn is screaming to be worked on..we are very behind since time spent away but Tony has pulled out the stops and bedroom is livable.

It just now needs a woman’s touch of fabrics, soft chalky coloured paints and pretty wardrobe hinges and porcelain handles. I found ones with numbers on. Somehow it seemed sensible. Husband often messy. I can make it clear UNDERPANTS ARE IN NUMBER 2!!! Job jobbed!

I will be delayed in posting for at least another week or so I think. Pressing deadlines, copious French paperwork, and a trip to Lyon are mounting up on our desk. Each La Poste van visit takes the pile like a stalegmite towards our ceiling.

The geese are well. In fact very well. They are at the nibbling stage. Like an escaped two year old they try and eat anything shiney, colourful or not bolted down. The garden fork with the yellow handle gives hours of fun attempting to pull it out of the flower bed.

Squeeky orange twig is a favourite. It makes a similar sound to a goose and each morning with stick in hand, I run and squeek up and down the garden with my flip flops sounding just like the gooses big rubbery feet. Moma Goose has landed!

The chickens are not impressed by the geese. Who are these big noisy idiots who nip our tails…not that the chickens attempt not to goad the geese. Oh no we love lining up by the fence and pecking back.

Last week Poppy was physically picked up by Bumble and Barley and shook. She had escaped the coop pen and wandered over to gooses favourite water bowl. Bad chicken!

Poppy wasn’t bothered. She squarked and pecked and Moma Goose intervened and once prized from goose beaks, trotted back to her coop looking brave . Now she antagonizes the geese even more and Bumble falls for it every time.

More feathered tales soon and more posts on renovation coming up. I also joined a brilliant forum called Duck, Duck, Goose. Everything you need to help with these complex and demanding characters and some wonderful videos and stories too.

Great videos here about goose love.

And here are mine having an important conflab about a rubber shoe. Chickens not impressed by their ceramic doppleganger.

10 thoughts on “Rubber shoes

  1. Good to see you home and in the thick of things. Everything grows twice as quickly when one is absent – paperwork, grass, geese and love – love grows exponentially with absence if it is steadfast and true. Your boudoir will be a triumph, I am sure and the geese will gaggle and the chickens will rabble and all will be well. But why all the paperwork – do you have to register all the fowl by name 🤭

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    1. Somehow the French admin from last year was not completed eith one foot being in UK and one over here. It’s all tax and social stuff. If it was geese I would simply get each to plant a big rubber foot on my document and we would be done. (My kind of rubber stamping) Some Moma Geese do paint there goosie friends feet and make paintings. I don’t think I will be doing that but I have started to fret over what toys they should have. Boudoir is very country but I think the fabric choice will be the triumph. Tomorrow I am limepainting ceiling. Not such messy stuff as lime wash.. .I hope. Are you in USA?

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      1. Oops … that will be a bit knotty to unravel, I imagine but with your skills as an accountant and all the attendant paper filing that goes with the turf I am confident that you will be through to the other side in no time. I have not a clue what toys appeal to Geese, I’m afraid but I imagine ‘Duck, duck, goose’ will be able and willing to help – what a find! I hope you find decorating as therapeutic as I do – I know whatever you do will be lovely and I look forward to seeing anything you care to share. I am in the US and managing to find time to get about a bit as well as slave over the yard before I start slaving over the house. We went up to The Berkshires (pronounced as in Burke not Bark) at the end of last week for our anniversary – absolutely beautiful and very very quaint area. We drove back down the Mohawk Trail which is fascinating having been a trading route since long before white men alighted and decided they would stay. I bought a tiny little pot painted with moose and a lake with trees by an American Indian artist. A nice keepsake and a good reminder of whose land this really is 😉

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  2. I just love the geese … I’d want to sit and watch them all day. I daresay I’d get nothing done at all! How lovely to be thinking about fabrics and all the wonderful finishing touches to a room. Heaven! Katie x


    1. Yes after three years of being up to my neck in lime, sand and stones; looking at fabrics will be heaven. I am making panels for the wardrobe and we have a lovely old fashioned haberdashery in town with a large range of choice including some lovely French toile.

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