Garden in the meadow

Moth moment

Does anyone recognise this moth. Not personally as in its wandered far from home, set off last week with a case and a nectar sandwich , but what species of moth?

Hot day and it was baking on my windowsill. I took it into a shady spot and hoped it would be ok. Very pretty russet brown shades.

10 thoughts on “Moth moment

  1. I don’t know what it is called in English but it is un Bombyx de la Ronce ….. we had them aplenty in Cantal and the name always tickled me because my previous married name was Rance and both are pronounced identically in French. They are lovely and I have seen them in Isère also when I was living in Grenoble so I’m guessing they are reasonably widespread ….. your photo of this little chap is entrancing 🙂


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