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Pool side

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd. Well when it comes to water and a miniscule tray to dunk your hot webbed feet into…even two is bothersome. In this case sharing is most definitely restricted. It’s not a pool, it’s a large drinking bowl. Useless.

So feeling guilty, we scoured locally, dismissing children’s pools as too deep and farming water tubs as too heavy. It was looking like a lost cause.

But then we found it. Perfect. Large and flat with goose feet friendly edges. It was an eye wateringly expensive perfect goose paddling pool, but we knew they would love it. Orange a bit bright? Who cares…Geese love colour!

And they did. Lots of splashing, beak snorkling, and playing with toys. Some toe nibbling and pecking too when it all got a bit boisterous. Sharing I think will take some practice.

18 thoughts on “Pool side

    1. Lol! Funny you say that. Last week we went to local store and Tony found what we thought was sanitation cleaner for poultry. Turns out it’s what you boil them in to pluck their feathers easier before roasting! We felt very guilty and realized we need to be very careful with French wording. Imagine…in the morning we wake to 12 chickens and 3 geese all in the ‘buff. Grandma will be pulled in for a huge knitting project. Tiny jumpers all round please!


      1. Good point. Saw a video the other day about release of ex-battery hens. Heart breaking. I felt very angry. It’s a future plan of mine to get some land for retiring chickens. I won’t eat mine so they have to go somewhere. Once that’s done I might as well take in others.


      2. Merino of course. Want no sweaty chaffing pinky skins! Actually in reality for winter wouldn’t it be great to have goose jumpers. But they flap wings too much and most likely would eat the jumpers. They nibble everything just like goats.


  1. What a chic bath they have now and they are obviously enjoying it …. love that it matches their feet! It’s astonishing how quickly they have grown and wonderful to see them so happy!


    1. Yes they are a lovely social bunch. Forever companions. Unlike our chooks. We have 2 bullies and have had to segregate them to give the others some respite. If it doesn’t work we are dividing the coop for good. Chickens are devil’s sometimes.

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      1. Aye …. I remember the children being screamed at by Mr Levis up the road from our house in the west of Ireland …. ‘don’t open the gate to the broiler pen all hell’ll be leashed if they meet with the layers’ … chicken wars


    2. This is the small bath. In a month they get the large goose pond. Just some finishing touches needed. Thats a metre deep for proper swimming. Barley got so excited when we tried it out, she did a complete somersault, little feet waving in the air. Buoyancy really did take them by surprise!

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  2. Beautiful birds! I have a kiddie pool for my ducks for now. We have a cement pond on the property that needs some work but eventually they will have that. For now the pool is perfect and was inexpensive. I also have a Tony 😍

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    1. Aren’t Tony’s perfect. Mine is a bit over excitable like the geese sometimes but wouldn’t be without him! Our big pond also needs finishing. A wider edge ledge to prevent those big feet getting caught. Geese seem to make a dramatic exit from water when it all gets a bit boisterous and the feet don’t keep in time with the heads!


      1. Same with our ducks! They are a little crazy and they move as one but they are so much fun. I can’t wait to read about your pond! We will finish ours up next month most likely. And yes, I wouldn’t be without my Tony either 💕

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