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Our resident moles have gorged on every meadow worm we had. In vain our chickens scratch and dig and keep their little beady eyes peeled. But no, not a wiggle in site. Unhappy chooks.

So today I resolved. A bit like vegetarian meat substitute, a search in the pantry turned up spaghetti. Perfect. Long, wiggly and I am sure they won’t be rolling it round their beaks for more than an atomic second to savour the flavour.

Out to the coop. Pasta worm wiggled appropriately..well as I suppose an earth worm wiggles and what a stampede! Jumping and stumbling. Pecking each other. A frenzy. I mean not just A worm but a whole handful.

Success. Maybe next time a quick dust with some soil for authenticity. And I just feel very sorry for the worms to be pulled and stretched out of the earth to be a chicken snack. Happy all round.

13 thoughts on “Worms

  1. I never thought of chickens eating birds, I guess it makes sense as they are modern day dinosaurs so would be voracious 🙂 Can’t wait to have some of my own mini dinosaurs!! Love reading your blogs about your gals.

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    1. Thank you. Yes dinosaurs….Little terrors!! We do forget they are meat eaters. Bet mine moan on the quiet about being veggie all the time. Tied a cabbage up on string the other day. They looked at it then me with a sort of..what on earth do we do with that, look. Jump up and,fun. Mmm no ..our owners an absolute idiot!


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