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Poop an feathers: We have goose eggs!!

I really thought Barley had a false alarm the day before yesterday. Nest building all morning but no egg.

Barley had found a quiet spot in the goose pen and had been trying to arrange the few bits of straw and dried grass there. Her nest efforts were a disappointment with such megre materials, so Muma Goose to rescue with more straw bedding and soon Barley was ensconced and waiting patiently for the big event.

Well no fireworks and by evening the prospect of an egg was a damp squib!

BUT….morning goosies…what have we here? AN EGG! Wow a big goose egg. Barley as a typical Tolouse was not sitting on it. Tucked under the straw, the egg was safe enough. We decided to leave the egg for a day just in case she wanted to check it, but today egg retrieved. No gander, so no goslings to worry about.

But what’s this? Another egg! Now is this Barley’s or my other geese? Sneaking down the slope to get the eggs I had the feeling I was being spied on. Bonnie had spotted me and was heading my way, head down doing her goose territory stance. She has been quite angry lately and pecks from hot-headed geese hurt. I was out and safely behind the gate, but no hissing from Bonnie. Very strange. Maybe the laying of the eggs had altered something. We will see.

So here they are. They seem impossibly big. But then Tolouse geese are huge. However I wouldnt want to have that coming out of my bottom! Never tasted a goose egg. My neighbour farmer doesn’t like them. Says they taste gritty. My other neighbour loves them and thinks I should sell them. Well early days. Just excited at the moment. My goosie girls have grown up!

The eggs are about three times larger than a chicken egg. The protein is relatively higher at 19.9 grms to a chickens 6.23. The whole egg is fattier and you can taste this very quickly. We scrambled ours and the consistency was smoother but slightly too rich for me. But for pasta and baking they will be perfect.

Geese lay around 40 eggs a year, so it will be a game of the spy to keep a track on laying during the months of late Feb through to May.

The eggs can stay refrigerated for up to 6 weeks, but given our fridge is already egg bound from the chickens production, goodness knows where we shall store them. Better get baking.

6 thoughts on “Poop an feathers: We have goose eggs!!

  1. Hi, goose eggs are quite fatty so great for baking!
    If you blow the egg out then wash they make beautiful decorated eggs. We used to decorate eggs at Easter when our kids were young.
    LOVE reading your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great idea. I have broken mine but will try next time. My husband comes from Transylvania and every Easter they decorate eggs by soaking in red onion skins to turn them a rich ox blood red and then decorate. If you carefully etch the surface you get a lovely gold effect. And these shells are harder so the decorating will be easier.


      1. ooo, love the idea of etching and the red onion skins! I will have to try that. Keep us posted on what you cook with the eggs.


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