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Funky Chicken Rescue

Sometimes we do slightly zany things in life. Coming to France seemed a little zany at first, but now I am settling and the benefits of being in this wonderful countryside surrounded by cow’s and mountain pines and oaks, well it seems the most sensible of decisions in reality.I have always tried to support charities. Mainly animal charities and those pushing to bring about changes in welfare and farming methods.Having now my own chickens and three mad geese, I feel even more in tune with how important it is to care for your livestock and above all kindness to give them when you can.In the UK ex-battery hens are rehomed on a regular basis. The sad 18 month life of an egg layer in cages is downright terrible. In fact I would go as far as to say criminal. It’s murder on a huge scale once the poor girls cannot lay anymore.I would write a gruesome eulogy here but this post is about hope. Re-homing chickens in France is quite new thing and I am lucky to have ours near Aubusson. But I also support a few UK charities too. Recently I purchased fencing for an extension of a 1000 chicken rescue holding field. Having some available funds meant that although as yet I haven’t set my own rescue coops and runs up, I can do the next best thing. The charity was struggling with housing and being able to solve it got me thinking. Now I am no Bill Gates but having trawlers the internet I find I can make a difference on many small projects. The internet does good sometimes!So to Funky Chicken. A daily visit on Facebook brought up some charming photos of a chicken rescue charity in Northern California, Funky Chicken Rescue, in USA. Apparently Funky Chicken was a rescue chook (featured above and looking very cute) who unfortunately died too soon after being homed and a charity was formed in his memory. But simply re-homing chickens wasn’t what sparked my interest. They specialize in looking after disabled chickens, ones needing rehabilitation, ones with crossbills and blind chickens. With over 100 to care for and many as a forever home, the charity needs sponsors. I loved the idea and this week I have chosen to sponser: Peppermint, so adorable….And Fancy, who came from a ranch that burnt down. Now those are impressive colours.Belinda, from the same ranch lost her feet in the fire and the charity is caring for her and getting her back on her feet so to speak through operations and chicken wheelchairs.Her boyfriend, Bennie adores her.It seems a long distance to North Carolina but I love what they do and the internet worm holes distance to zero.Enjoy this lovely video. Chicken love on a daily basis makes the world a happy place!❤Funky Chicken cuddles for blind cockerel

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