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Coropisnita – scary bug

The grass has grown but we are only mowing thin access strips to protect the butterflies, moths, and the million other little bug heads that live here.

Today I saw so many different species, we made a pact, husband and me, to leave a third of our field to grow savage each year. The farmers are cutting the hay fields and yesterday our beef farming neighbour admitted it was hard trying not to harm pheasants, mice and insects in the process. Even today trimming round the farmhouse, I had to descend the mower a few times to move toads and slugs and wave Red Admirals from the grasses.

Later this fellow was found. Now living in the country has made me far braver in facing up to creepy crawlies. But this beetle was another matter. Tony said back in Romania they are seen as pests and very unwelcome. I have no idea what it is. A locust type body, with spider like legs and a lobster head with pincers. If I were beetle or a bug I would be terrified! The bug name is in Romanian. It sounds like it’s dropped straight out of a fairy tale fable. It’s actually a Mole Cricket. They frequent hot tropical countries. Some see them as a luck token. Others as an agricultural pest. With our hot and very wet spring summer, it’s hardly surprising Mr Cricket is paying a sly little visit to my raised beds.

Tony carried him up to the top field away from our veggie patch and flung him into the tall grasses there. They burrow and chew the roots of plants so hopefully there is not a plague of them ascending on us. Two years ago it was ants. Last year Hornets. Nature has some strange creations. But this one we will not be encouraging.

8 thoughts on “Coropisnita – scary bug

  1. Urgh – that looks horrible! Good old hubby to get rid of it! Love that you are leaving part of your land to be savage. In my old (very little) way I always leave a patch of stinging nettles for any passing butterflies to enjoy.


    1. Neither have I but then England us wet and grey. My Romanian husband knows all about them. His mum sent me a message saying they love fertile soils where there is a layer of say manure dug into the soil. The fermentation is their favoured climate. But they are like locusts and pests. So she kills them without hesitation.


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