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Music in the countryside

We all have different facets and mine seems to revolve around poop scooping and being yelled at by geese and ducks as if I am about to unleash an extremely dangerous bowl of peas and corn. I mean that yellow to be careful! The chickens have currently worked out that by running around dodging bedtime, they get triple meal worm treats. This two legged idiot falls for it everytime.

Between feeding, cleaning and mowing grass, mixing cement and realizing my back is screaming at me to slow down, I have as you might have read started sewing again and painting. But when I really need to unwind and chill, I turn to music.

I can’t read a note nor play anything, but now we have no neighbours at the farmhouse, we can indulge and turn up the volume.

My favorite music is quite eclectic, ranging from acid jazz funk, ambient, psychedelic progressive rock, baroque to medieval and renaissance music.

With the internet, the world of music has opened up and the journey into music is like going down a rabbit hole. Over the last week’s we have been downloading from SoundCloud and picking up second hand CDs from all the brocantes. Some get swiftly sent back to the Brocante, but others stay and end up on our favourites list.

Our music time is two hours before bed. We settle in with music, books or researching on the internet. The country life is momentarily full of other sounds. Tonight it’s jazz funk.

From my mother I inherited over a thousand classical CDs. She collected many composers I have never heard of and tried to explore the more rare or less popular. She got tinnitus quite early in life and eventually couldn’t listen to any music. Luckily she kept the collection and it’s now here in France.

Maybe the chickens will like funky jazz? I think they will. They seem a very responsive bunch, so maybe as the sun sets over the barn roof little chickens will be swaying and foot tapping before bedtime…well after meal worms of course!

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