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Mad Englishwoman goes out in the midday sun

I looked it up. Is was important. That confusion between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Today it’s an oven hot 102 Fahrenheit. It’s a larger number written that way. It represents the searing heat today and we are not even in July.What do I do in this canicule? I don wierd garb reminiscent of an 18th century hay cutter, and head out in the midday sun to paint a gate!My cheap paint was too thin a few days ago. I won’t get an overdraft to paint a fence. Today having left my pot uncovered, the water content had evaporated and the paint covered perfectly. Feeling smug I suppose or had the sun got to my brain? I pushed on through the heat and finished.Heavy storms will likely be rumbling up from the volcanic region down South within days. If so, the sun will have the last laugh if the downpour washes my handiwork away! We shall see. 😉

5 thoughts on “Mad Englishwoman goes out in the midday sun

    1. So so. Luckily we live in a stone barn with foot wide walls so it’s sort if about 25C inside. All the French hide behind shutters but we hate being shut in. Going to gradually put trellis up or canvas tenting round terraces to help increase shade. Planting more trees too. Hot where you are?

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  1. I did that once. Just finished cleaning my brushes after oiling the decking and a storm broke out and washed it all off! Too crazy hot here, although not as hot there. But it looks like it might be short lived here thankfully.


    1. I have one more fate to go so better do it tomorrow. The storms can be sudden and torrential. It is just too hot. I can last a few more days but then you start to feel exhausted. Reminds me of Dubai.

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