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Gosling has arrived

I knew for some reason I cancelled all appointments today. In my diary I had a pencilled note…” Egg hatch on 7th or 8th July”.Approx 28 days ago Barley our 18 month old Tolouse decided that 3 eggs was a clutch and that meant possibly fertile eggs and maybe motherhood could be quite a nice idea. Bonnie had performed his part and I decided also not to collect the eggs for a few days. Maybe everything was in alignment.Barley had found a secluded spot near the rear of the chicken run and wood pile. Quiet and less troubled by our busy chickens dustbathing and squabbling. Then the heat hit us. I found the poor thing literally sweating in full 45 degree sunshine. 24 hours sitting is no mean feat. Hastily we built a roof and added some insulation, water and food as it became clear she would only leave the nest momentarily for a stretch and a quick dip in the pool. If the eggs were fertile then the goslings should arrive between 28 and 35 days. Sometimes geese sit for a few weeks then stop. If the eggs are fertile then you have to decide to take over incubation or tuck those eggs under a broody chicken. Luckily Barley sat the whole time and this morning her reward and Bonnies…a little fluffy yellow bundle.

I missed the actual hatch but didn’t want to stress her. On entering the garden Bonnie and Barley were missing. No honking. Just quiet. Then we saw them. Proud Dad guarding the nest and Bumble being allowed a first visit to see the baby. Normal noisy, clumsy Bumble was careful, motherly and attentive. Relieved, I took some quickie photos.

There are two more eggs; maybe today or tomorrow more goslings. But for now I am over the moon we have our first baby from our own geese. I think Barley looks exhausted but very happy. Cute overload today!

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