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And then there were two

Not just one little goslings hatched today, but a couple of hours later, another!

After feeling immensely proud of Barley and Bonnie this morning, to have two little cuties….over the moon and back.

Poor Bonnie suffering from lack of sleep. Having guarded all last night and today, he was starting to drift off. Get some shut eye tonight Bonnie!

7 thoughts on “And then there were two

    1. Aren’t they! Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts this last week’s. Catch up once nursery duty over. I was in hospital with sun stroke migraine last week too. All a bit fraught. Hope your busy and enjoying the hot weather.x

      1. Oh gosh you poor thing … that sounds horrible. I too am way behind on both writing and reading posts. This move to the States has been keeping me busy… it’s lovely and warm though. Do hope the migraine went quickly x

      2. Usual 24 hours of feeling like I was hit by a lorry, but goes eventually. Then I get a high from the medication! Bet your having a great time. Always good to be in new places.

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