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Little ones

Last week excitement peaked when two little goslings hatched. As of today these guys are growing both in size and in their demands for lettuce. Spoilt to be honest with mum, dad and auntie Bumble trailing around them continuously. But they are sweet and we do believe some little tufts are starting to show on their heads just like dad.Already exploring the water in the flat pool and although a little wobbly, they are showing no signs of wry neck or angel wing – a lack of the B vitamins which causes neurological problems of muscle control, being able to stand erect, hold wings in place etc. These little guys are sturdy and have a lot of curiosity. Can’t wait till they start honking like the rest. For now they have their three bodyguards and we are the official enemy!The lack of rain isn’t bothering us at the moment. Having saved all the spring rain in barrels, we are getting by ok. The chickens love dust bathing to have a good itchy scratchy and we make mud patches for them to soak their feet and hunt for worms. The geese drill down in the mud to filter stones and everyone’s gets, well, muddy happy!Then a few day back I receive a Facebook posts about a poor little kitten who was abandoned at just two weeks old. Struggling to survive with his little sibbling, on the streets, the gallery owner in town decided to try and rescue them. One wouldn’t be caught and ran off. But a slight problem. She was leaving in a month to return abroad and the kitten needed urgently, a forever home.Well we are suckers for abandoned animals, so there was no hesitation. We will take him. A quick drive and little Archie came home. I bought a painting too. Happy gallery owner.I suspect he is partly feral. Boisterous and naughty, hyper energized and confident. No problem. Cant imagine how scary being thrown out so young, must have been. The gallery owner had a lovely home and little Archie was thriving. A bright little button and we were thrilled.The next day Archie came with me to the office to help wallpaper. Happy bouncing around the dustsheets and sitting on my ladder; he was no trouble. Home begun to fill with cat-nip toys, scratching posts, and the strong smell of kitten. Time to set up a cat house at the Little House. A perfect place for nightime and safer while the renovations continue.So you get one. Lonely? Maybe. So you get another. Or in our case you get five more!Tony wanted a tattoo. I am perhaps getting one. It’s an idea brewing from a while back. Nothing silly. No names or regrettable obscure symbols. The tatooist had a litter of kittens. We got chatting about Archie. One thing led to another. I wanted a ginger moggy again, having had to leave my beloved ginger Jasper with my ex. I also adore tabbies. There were two. Tony wanted the little black kitten. That left one behind. Well if you have four, you may as well have five. We took them all.Here is our kitten gang…JasperCharlieTokyoHollyAnd finally BrambleCute overload I would say. But we also have some other cuties. All will be revealed later.

9 thoughts on “Little ones

    1. Busy is not the word. More due to silly goose Bumble getting over protective and kicking their food over. She or maybe a he, we are not sure, is such a wide goose, she can’t see her feet! The babies scream at her if she gets too clumsy.

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  1. They’re adorable – and who could say “no” to faces like those?? Congrats on your new additions! BTW, I know what you mean: I wanted two kittens but there were three…couldn’t leave one behind, right? 😉

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