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I am absolutely run off my feet at the moment with trying to decorate, unpack boxes holding our life stuff and managing our abundance of babies at the moment…kittens, ducklings and goslings.

I am also downsizing my accountancy work, meaning just six months and it’s over for good. No more deadlines. No more burning the midnight oil as I had to tonight due to the tax office messing up! So this is a quick post. I am in bed and just earlier I managed to see my girls to bed too.

The Rhodies love their terrace but the Cou Nou’s like to perch under our makeshift garden shed. Fluffy bottoms all in a row.

Mr Chicken does a final check of the garden before heading into the coop. His favorite girls snuggle up beside him and everyone shuffles a little to get their favorite spots. A few last minute pecks to ears keeps everyone in check and finally it’s shut eye and the soft sound of snoring, chicken style ends the day.

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