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Bright and breezy or maybe a little windy!

The heat has broken. Thank goodness! After weeks of drooping and lethargy, all the girls and Mr Chicken were out enjoying the cool and airing hot feathers in the breeze.

Lots a lovely fluffy bottoms and bloomers on show and Mr Chicken trying to look important. As usual failing hopelessly. Everyone ignores him. But he is a lovely boy and not a bad bone in his body.

The girls adore the garden table to perch and doze on and the Cou Nou naked necks seem to treat it as a meeting spot…chicken coffee morning so to speak but without the coffee, just meal worms on order.

And a little Wind Egg. Well some days are not perfect. If your all insisting using the one egg box between 17 of you when you have 9 to choose from, the queues can get noisy and it’s so off putting if you have a slow bottom.

Take it easy today and enjoy your weekend.

6 thoughts on “Bright and breezy or maybe a little windy!

      1. We would love tk buy a bit of land but the farmer wont even let us rent a bit that he has no use for. He is very shy and difficult to talk too but who knows things may change. I expect we will get another one at some point.


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