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Goose not on the loose

Yesterday was quite a day for the geese. In the morning I bought the usual lettace and tomatoes, but no geese. Called them. Tried to get excitement in my tone. Nothing.

Then saw they were all quietly standing near the fence. Very odd. Entered the pen cautiously and walked over to the little goosie gang.

Omgoodness! The high wind must have tipped over the pallet resting by the fence and it landed on Cashew. She was pinned down with her head sticking between two of the planks. Mummy goose very stressed but nothing they could do. God knows how long she had sat like this.

Quickly lifted pallet and pushed her out from underneath. Phew. No damage just relief. Everyone sheltered her and honked. I didn’t get pecked. They know your helping.

Pallet out. Checked rest of pen for anything suspect and relax!

Just a small limp from being stuck with pins and needles but it could have been far worse. Geese are clumsy, curious and big guys. Everything must be tied down or just plain moved away. Lesson learned. Extra goosie love this week

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