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Sunday Cheese Tour

Sometimes I indulge in a piece of cheese mid afternoon. Sometimes brie, sometimes cheddar, sometimes whatever my tastebuds feel the need to be consoled with…salty, acidic or smokey. A few years back I did a quick European tour and explored cheeses.

I used to work for HT Webb, a cheese importer back in UK, Kent and it triggered an instant fascination of this strange food made from coagulated milk. I began to try many, read about their history and making and to photograph them. Having unearthed my collection of cheese books to put in the new study I thought it might be nice to put the link up for you to have a gastronomic gander. It’s quite long but I hope it fills a couple of pleasurable Sunday afternoon hours and tempts you to explore our wonderful cheeses, that across Europen, are as diverse as we are in temperament and taste.

Happy Sunday.

Part of the study at the farmhouse. Not yet decorated. But the desks are up and refurbishing a book case later today.
Apple and date cake with my necessary cuppa. The best way to settle in for some Sunday blog reading.

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