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Photo fresh eggs

Still get eggcited about our fresh eggs. I mean, look at those whites! And both of us have to take pictures too.

These are a mix of Rhode Island eggs and a little grey Limousine egg at top. The latters eggs are smaller, like a large quail egg and white. The Rhodies eggs range from white through to a warm beige-pink depending on ear colour..yep ears dictate egg shade. Our lovely black copper Marans lay deep russet red eggs. The shells are tougher too. It is a debate as to whether they are stronger shells or it is a myth. A little chicken info I need to investigate. Originally bred in France, the so called “swamp chickens” as they proliferated in wet meadowland, became popular for their deep shaded eggs. The Marans are feisty guys, but very sociable.

I will soon be reorganizing this site to contain more information on chickens, geese and ducks along with renovations, gardening and crafting, as there is a lot of information on the web that can be confusing or simply regurgitated data from other sites. I have learnt a lot over the last two years and so far had only one chicken fatality due to lack of vet assistance here in France, and no diseases or parasites. There are a lot of miss information on issues like bedding and it’s downright confusing. There are some excellent sites out there on the web too but some are forum based and that leads to lots of arguments or long threads leading no where. I will put up links to decent sites, books worth reading and my own experience.

But for now it’s scrambled eggs on home baked bread. The girls are out free ranging and being chased by the gangsters, our geese. The rain came. The sun is peeping between the mauve storm clouds and the insects are buzzing in this humid air. It’s a great day to just listen to nature. She is very busy as usual.

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