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Sadly since I posted these photos of my magnificent seven, Jasper has passed. A traumatic accident occurred just a few days ago. Ever curious and ever friendly, Jasper had climbed in under our pickup. Driving home from our local provincial town, about 5 miles from home we saw a cat on the side of the road.

Back at home in the flurry of cats running to welcome us as always….no Jasper. That cat was ginger. Our hearts lurched. Back in the car we sped back. The little stiff body was our poor ginger boy. His only injury, a slight cut on his mouth. Nothing more. He must have slipped from the moving vehicle and the impact of falling been an instant death. He was already stiff so death would gave been immediate due to the time we headed off in the morning.

We took him home and buried him in the buttercup field. I still can’t believe he has gone. Oscar misses his brother and Charlie her sweetheart. I lost my other Jasper when I divorced. He syayed with my ex as I was in rental.He died a year after I moved out. I always wanted a ginger cat. Now I have lost this Jasper. RIP sweetie. Just under a year old but you had love and fun.

Brotherly love.
Green eyed Tokyo
Holly with Jasper
Best friends
Archie being Archie
In the duck house. Polly left.

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