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Little things we do or are

Today one of my oldest friends, work colleague and business partner put up a post on Facebook. I do not always share these challenges as I know Facebook uses the data for its Big Brother dysopian world ambitions. All this information has been public over the years so today I am happy to share for fun. It was supposed to be stormy today at one o’clock precisely. Never materialized so sharing some things that make me, me and then off to finish point I g that wall!

  • How old are you: 53 years. Body 95!
  • Surgeries: lost count. I counted to 10 after the anaesthetic was given once. Nurse had to attempt three times. Ended up counting backwards to make time go quicker!
  • Tattoos: 1. A Scottish thistle to remind me of where I came from. Dunoon. My grandfather worked on the Clyde as a barge lighterman. Not glam but hardworking.
  • Broken bones: nil…unlike err my friend. I did get a fractured finger in basketball. The other girls got a broken nose and a broken wrist. Don’t know my strength!
  • Ridden in ambulance: Yes. And in France it’s the fire engine! A very bumpy ride. Our area cannot afford a dedicated ambulance being so rural, so the local fire brigade run an emergency service.
  • Ridden in Police car: No just stationery and they were absolute @#$%&^! Sorry but a uniform does things to some people.
  • Ice skated: ice but not skated. I just fall over.
  • Paint or draw: paint. Drawing seems to take too much time. Not into realistic painting. Prefer emotional or ones with great artistic technique. I adore printing and canvas work. Really it’s more about three dimension.
  • Cotton or silk: Cotton. Crisp white or old time cream and good for making sun shades in the trees.
  • Bread or cake: Bread but with seeds and sometimes fruit like dates or orange peel.
  • Orange or lemon: lemon everything. Citron tarte forever!
  • Ridden on a motorcycle: on the back of a Kawasaki 750. I fell asleep.
  • Flown in a helicopter: No I need to live to be old.
  • Been on a cruise: No, hate crowds especially where you can’t literally ” jump ship”
  • Holiday overseas: Yes and that’s why I moved to France. My furthest destination was Florida. I loved it’s historic cities but the humidity too intense.
  • Been To Disneyland: No. I pulled up outside the Florida one, had a juice drink and drove off. Not into Mickey but did do MGM.
  • Stayed in hospital: Yes. Back in my twenties I spent two weeks in with asthma. Loved it. Food great. My fellow patient was an eccentric opera singer. Such a laugh.
  • Patient or impatient: both. Patient at tasks like renovating and my office work, I am determined those Balance Shhets will balance; but impatient at learning a new skill or dealing with red tape. And very impatient with French driving habits! Too fast and very dangerous.
  • Skipped School: of course! I mean cross country and triple maths! Who wouldn’t?
  • Last text: oldest school friend
  • Maths or english: Well I took English Literature at school and still adore the classics and reading in general. But after working in engineering companies I found that physics was a brilliant subject. In another life I might have taken maths more seriously.
  • Seen a dead body: Yes
  • Pepsi or Coke: depends on how frenetic I want to get
  • Favourite season: Autumn as I am usually exhausted after a summer of barn pointing.
  • Received a speeding ticket: Yes and unjust every time. My nan walked faster!
  • Cooking or eating out: ah cooking every time. Building a big kitchen and outdoor kitchen on the end of the farmhouse. We both love to cook, preserve things and best you get to eat whatever you want to cook. In France eating out us expensive. The food isn’t that great around this rural area – too meat based, and many restaurants shut for winter. A strange phenomenon. I miss the British pubs immensely, Sunday roasts and fish n chips and a good cafe breakfast.
  • Favourite Colour: Turqoise and Eau-de-nil.
  • Worst colour: Lilac or peach and it seems the most bought masonary paint colour throughout France. If you want colours, then beg a friend to bring it over the Channel.
  • Modern or traditional: Both. I always feel a building shouldn’t be altered too much. Use what it’s given already. My 1950’s garage is drawing on that. My mother would have hated it!
  • Sunset or sunrise: Sunset as soon time for a great dinner, a movie or a good book and favorite music to go to sleep too. An insomniacs routine honed over the years. I even have a wooden pillow now to help my neck and back. Very Japanese style.
  • Average length of sleep: 9 hrs
  • Who will play this: anyone who doesn’t mind FB algorithms using this data to exploit social media advertising!
  • Cat or dog: Chicken
  • Samsung or Iphone: Samsung but all mobile phone providers should be put on an island somewhere not on the “find me” map.
  • Favourite alcohol: Vodka…I got a day off tax by being hospitalized!
  • Coffee or tea: Tea even cold.
  • Sweet or savoury: Savoury but I love licking the cake bowl.
    *favourite food: 🤔 Shepherd’s pie, toad in the hole. And if I ever did Desert Island Discs, my wish would be that everyday, washed up on the salty shore sand, would be a small frying pan of sizzling sausages. A different flavour every time including vegatarian. Yum!
Not so scary once the pillows are on!

And that’s the wooden pillow support. It has turned out to be better than anticipated. It’s helping my back as my neck and head are better supported and supports my shoulders if I need to sit up more. Sometimes a radical approach solves everything.

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great day and if your learning to roller skate…I can’t do that either. I just fantasize about it!

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