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Saffron in the sun

From a wet start, and a trip into our almost local town of Boussac, north of us, the sun shone and lit up a gloriously Autumnal day.  The road back home has a sign right pointing to Toulx Sainte Croix, a high point, almost a mountain, where a few weeks ago we found a wonderful… Continue reading Saffron in the sun

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The Good Life France

I first came to France on my honeymoon – Paris, not very original, but it was the start of a life long love of the country.  I was 23 years old.  Over the years, I am now 50, I travelled to France many, many times and read her history and dreamed of settling down one… Continue reading The Good Life France

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Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes

My husband Tony carries a little black notebook wherever he goes, scribbling, jotting.  I think most of it is highly secret, but sometimes a character appears, there is a lot of paper flurries, ink pens on the move and a bit of cursing on photoshop. Dealing with all our company websites, logos and trade marks… Continue reading Chaps, Sods and Fellowettes

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Monochrome Madness

Leanne is a fine art photographer in Australia. Her niche is architecture, landscapes using long exposure, dramatic contrast and now infrared, a new exploration into the reverse world of light. Every month Leanne runs a post – Monochrome Madness – where we can post our photos based on the theme set. It’s nice to be… Continue reading Monochrome Madness

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My garden bench

After many months of cutting down an overgrown wilderness, a garden appeared.  The birch trees flourished with a bit of tlc, shading their roots, mulching and a lot of watering when the heat was extreme in August.  But something was missing.  A garden bench.  I wanted a quiet spot to sit, to write notes for… Continue reading My garden bench

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At the bottom of our garden

June and July have been solid work, pushing to get our home and gardens clear of overgrown woodland, brambles, piles of unwanted packaging from our moves and painting all our buildings and new fences from a huge array of pots left by my father from his garage.  We are now left with an off assortment… Continue reading At the bottom of our garden

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Woman Pause

I suffered with insomnia for many years and joined the group of people who realise they can learn foreign languages at two in the morning courtesy of the range of obscure television programmes the BBC air for night workers and insomniacs.  I never learnt Spanish, but I did learn that I had to resolve the… Continue reading Woman Pause

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A European Cheese tour

Tony and I decided to take a road trip around Europe, in an attempt to see as many cities as we could over a almost four weeks.  Everyone thought we were mad taking my old car, but it seemed the simplest way to see the countries we passed through.  One of the difficulties of making… Continue reading A European Cheese tour

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Always have a Plan B

Its what hits you side on that takes you by surprise – they say. The train arrives faster than you had allowed and you thought you had enough engine power to get across the line. But you don’t. You have driven over this route so many times, you know the risks, you have assessed, put… Continue reading Always have a Plan B

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A voice – a journey.

The world is full of a cornucopia of blogs, lifestyle photographers, craft projects, entrepreneurs and travellers.  It is hard on the very best of days to promote your businesses, to show case your work and find a voice to say how great your products are, that you adore what you do and would move heaven… Continue reading A voice – a journey.

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Ion Conifer Syrups at work

Tony has been working diligently over the last few weeks re-working Ion Conifer Syrups website.  He has done a great job bringing the woody shades of the conifers, mountains and land into the site.  We both put a huge amount of work into this business, web work, photography, manufacturing, distribution, costing and account work.  I… Continue reading Ion Conifer Syrups at work

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My local countryside

I have never been a great fan of having my photo taken, but my husband over the last year has been sneaking a few and actually they are not as bad as I thought.  So in this world of social networking, I wanted to say hello, this is me on location. The bee trucks are… Continue reading My local countryside

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Fun with Food

When the weather is not being nice or the wind is being just a little too boisterous, I turn to food photography to cheer the day.  I am new to this genre and finding my feet.  Food photography is not easy.  There are choices to be made – dark and moody, clinical white with clean… Continue reading Fun with Food

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Not all syrups are made equally — Ion Syrup Blog

The expectation when you walk into a delicatessen is of unique products, hand-made artisan products, products that have a ethical message behind them. So often though the products on offer are not upon close inspection anything but. It is a shame to often see branded products on both the deli shelves and on the supermarket […]… Continue reading Not all syrups are made equally — Ion Syrup Blog

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Romanian Romantic

A couple of years ago I married a Transylvanian. He doesn’t bite but he is romantic, loves life, the mountains, good home cooked food and French Pugs. He is also a workaholic like me. So I get to travel to Romania a lot. A beautiful country, heaped in traditions and rural living just outside the… Continue reading Romanian Romantic

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O-Dose – Finding a brand

Two years ago we formed a perfume oil business.  I never liked spray perfumes, made me sneeze, the large atomising bottles, refilling the small ones….just too much hassle and digging a big branded perfume bottle out of my tiny handbag just didnt cut the mustard  at a meeting or at the luncheon.  For the intimate… Continue reading O-Dose – Finding a brand

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Doodle and sketches

I love floral photography but my other huge enjoyment is sketching, painting and writing children’s stories. At the moment I have four on the go, very different subjects and very different types of illustration.  Two will be traditional watercolour, one collage and another more graphic, maybe via printing and stencil – not yet sure.  In… Continue reading Doodle and sketches

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Ion Pine Cone Bud Syrups – syrup from the mountains

During may and June of each year the Carpathian mountains in Romania blossom with wild flowers, pine and fir buds.  This new growth is packed full of oil and when simmered slowly for a few hours with added sugar, fresh herbs and citrus fruits, creates a deliciously rich syrup, dark and tangy, aniseed and licorice,… Continue reading Ion Pine Cone Bud Syrups – syrup from the mountains

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O-Dose fragrance oils

You read about perfumes and fragrance oils in Vogue, Cosmo, and Porter and pass through the heady aromas of jasmine, tuber rose, vetiver and sandalwood in the large Oxford Street London stores and with little tabs of slim paper  test, spray and dab a cacophony of scents on your wrists and wonder which suits you best,… Continue reading O-Dose fragrance oils

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A little bear with a big nose -Premo from London

Once upon a time there was a little bear who lived in London.  He sat in the shop front of a delicatessen selling tea, honey pickles and cold hams.  In 1967 he came home in a brown paper bag on the back of a bicycle to be given to a little girl who kept him… Continue reading A little bear with a big nose -Premo from London

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Ion Pine Cone and Fir Tip Syrup

The Carpathians in Transylvania not only provide glorious views across meadows full of wild flowers and mountain vistas, but wild forests full of wild boar, brown bears and places to forage for mushrooms and other wild berries to turn into fruit syrups and cordials.  But the pines and firs in the forests also provide in May and… Continue reading Ion Pine Cone and Fir Tip Syrup

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Food photography is not so simple

As part of my day to day work I am developing food products through a couple of ,y other companies – Ion Syrup and Premo From London. This involves another photographic area that I never really thought about till last year when  I needed to work on social media, Twitter and a blog.  Photographing food… Continue reading Food photography is not so simple